Saturday, March 29, 2014

ARC Review: Sweet Little Thing by Renee Carlino

Sweet Little Thing
(Sweet Thing #1.5)
Author: Renee Carlino
Publication Date: March 4, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: eARC via author through NetGalley

Ever wonder what happened after the final pages of Sweet Thing? 

From his candid and sometimes neurotic point of view, Will tells all in this musical and sexy follow-up novella to RenĂ©e Carlino’s USA Today Bestseller.

Life is pure bliss for Mia and Will. They have a puppy, a loft in Brooklyn, and a new music studio on the rise. It seems things couldn’t get any better for this talented couple when life decides to throw them a sweet little curve ball. 

They quickly learn that things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes happily ever after is one giant leap of faith away.
With the help of good music, good friends, and one eccentric old lady, they overcome a few of life’s little bumps to find the sweetest thing of all.

Watch this duo grow in more ways than one in SWEET Little THING.


Oh my gosh, I absolutely love Will and Mia and anyone who knows me, knows that Will Ryan is my book husband. I adore this man and wish there was a guy like him out there in real life. He continues to prove his love and devotion to Mia and with this novella in his POV, I fell even more in love with him. 

Will and Mia have come a long ways and I loved seeing them finally happy together. They had a long and tumultuous journey to get where they are but I could really feel the love they had for one another. I really loved the way they handled the things that life threw at them and the way they supported each other.  Mia has come a long way and her growth as a character really shined through in this novella. Instead of running away from Will when things get tough, she forges ahead with him by her side.

Will is still a bit neurotic and he definitely has his share of episodes. He can get a bit panicky when things seem out of his control but Mia really centers him.  He has really come a long way with his career and I love that he doesn't sell out and he sticks true to his music and his beliefs. He and Mia need stability but he would never compromise their sound for money. 

This was a really sweet novella and I loved spending a little more time with Will and Mia. I absolutely adored Sweet Thing and I was so happy to get a chance to see their happily ever after and how it all turned out. I loved that all the angst was left behind in Sweet Thing and this novella was all about Will and Mia building a beautiful relationship and starting a life together.



  1. I so loved this novella because we got to see Will and Mia living their happily ever after! They were so sweet together and I just loved everything about this little book. Great review!

  2. That is exactly why I loved it too! There was so much turmoil and angst between these 2 in Sweet Thing so I loved seeing them truly happy together.


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