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"Will Goods may very well have been the best man to walk the planet..." ~Review: Damaged Goods by Nicole Williams

Author: Nicole Williams
Publication Date: September 9, 2014
Genre: New Adult
Source: Purchased via Amazon


When Liv Bennett said good-bye to her sinkhole of a hometown, she planned to leave that chapter of her life behind forever. But forever turned out to only be three years.

After her addict of a mother up and disappears, Liv returns to what she considers her own personal hell smack in the middle of nowhere Nevada to take care of her two younger sisters, and she promptly reinstitutes the golden rule that got her through her first nineteen years of life without getting knocked up, roughed up, or messed up: don’t date the local boys and, god forbid, don’t fall in love with one of them.

It isn’t long before that golden rule is put to the test.

Will Goods grew up in the next trailer over, but the wild, careless boy who used to tear up the town with his three brothers has morphed into someone else so completely, he’s almost unrecognizable. The quiet, contemplative man who works on cars every night and takes care of his mentally ill mother every day is nothing like the local boys Liv grew up avoiding.

But when Liv considers suspending her golden rule just this once, she finds out something about Will that will change everything.

Will Goods isn’t who he used to be—he’s not even the man Liv thinks she’s gotten to know over the summer. He’s become someone else entirely.

He’s become . . .

Damaged Goods.


I am a huge fan of Nicole Williams. She's probably one of my favorite new adult authors. New adult is a genre I've been reading for about 2 years now, and it's been getting a little old. However, I find myself constantly enjoying Nicole's books despite my boredom with the genre itself. I think it may be a combination of her writing and the seemingly unique characters she creates. Will Goods is one of those characters. While I have many book boyfriends, the moment I met Will, I gained tunnel vision.

Liv Bennett is finally starting to build the life she always wanted. She's living in LA, getting her degree and working hard to save her money. She's put that podunk hometown in Nevada and the useless mother she had behind her. When her mom disappears and leaves her teenage sisters behind by themselves, Liv is forced to go back and pick up the pieces. She has one rule; never get involved with a local boy. Enter Will Goods.

Will has lived in the trailer near Liv Bennett his whole life but never really knew her. When Liv shows up at his garage after coming back to town, he can't resist her or fight the feelings she invokes. Will left home and made a life for himself in the army but after being injured and discharged, he comes home to take care of his mother, whose mental health is fading. 

While I liked Liv well enough, it drove me a little crazy how much she judged Will simply because he was back living in their hometown. She couldn't see beyond that to what an amazing man he was and all he had done with his life. He came home for his mom, unlike any of his brothers. He has incredible character, he's smart, he's hard working and he's incredibly handsome. However, I did like how she took care of her sisters. She didn't have to give up everything and come home to do that. She did things she didn't want to solely to take care of them. 

Will Goods is a man that sticks with you. He has incredible character and isn't the typical bad boy reformed for a woman. He's a genuine good guy and the way he looks out for Liv and her sisters without really knowing them is enough to make me fall in love. He's been through a lot and he deserves a good woman who will make him happy. I'll gladly take the job if Liv doesn't want it. He will melt your heart.

The writing was fantastic and the character development was really well done. Will will make you swoon and your heart will break for him. I really enjoyed the plot and loved that it wasn't all about the romance between Will and Liv. There are a lot of great moments between Liv and her sisters. Reese and Paige will make you laugh and the book really showcases the importance of family and sibling bonds.

Also, tomorrow is my stop on the 25 Days of Book Boyfriends Tour where I'm featuring Will Goods so come on back and learn more about him!



  1. Yay! Love Will! He was a really great character! I agree, I was a little irritated at Liv for putting him in that small town box. He was so much more!!! :D

  2. I liked what you said about your feelings re: the new adult genre and how this book compares. I've had a hard time getting into new adult, but I think you made a great case for this one! Thanks for sharing your review.


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