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25 Days of Book Boyfriends~ Will Goods from Damaged Goods by Nicole Williams

Today is my stop on the 25 Days of Book Boyfriends Tour, hosted by myself, Jessica @Lovin Los Libros and Theresa @Readers Live a Thousand Lives. This is our second annual tour and I'm super excited to share my love for Will Goods with you today. If you've met Will, you're a lucky woman, if not; I hope you'll want to after you learn more about him.


Will Goods
Age: 28
Likes: Cars, Sunsets, Blackouts
Dislikes: Rattlesnakes, Pity

Top Five Words to Describe Will Goods

1. Sexy- He's tall, handsome, well built and good with his hands.

2. Smart- Will is good at resolving tough situations and creating solutions.

3. Selfless- He puts himself above all others and protects people without question.

4. Adaptable- Will has been through some difficult situations but he knows how to adapt and be strong despite the obstacles.

5. Trustworthy- He is loyal to everyone, especially the people he cares about.


Top Five Favorite Will Goods Quotes:

"Don't live life like it's an apology. Live like it's full of no regrets."

"A guy wouldn't want to find himself unprepared when the adventure of a lifetime came knocking on his door Or... when I came knocking on yours in this case."

"I think I might love you, Liv Bennett. Wait, no that's a lie. I know I love you Liv Bennett."

"I don't allow hate in my heart."

" I wanted you to know like I did. I wanted you to feel its truth in every last fiber of your make-up, like I did. I didn't want it to be a question in your mind when I came back into your life. Because I wasn't going to let you get away that easily. I couldn't let a moment of insecurity and self-pity be responsible for losing the single best thing that's happened to me. I couldn't let you go without a fight, Liv, and yes, there might be other men who would do anything for you and go to any length for you, but I can't speak for those men. All I can speak for is myself, for this man. And Liv, I am the man who would do anything for you. I'm the man who would go to any length for you."


When Liv Bennett said good-bye to her sinkhole of a hometown, she planned to leave that chapter of her life behind forever. But forever turned out to only be three years.

After her addict of a mother up and disappears, Liv returns to what she considers her own personal hell smack in the middle of nowhere Nevada to take care of her two younger sisters, and she promptly reinstitutes the golden rule that got her through her first nineteen years of life without getting knocked up, roughed up, or messed up: don’t date the local boys and, god forbid, don’t fall in love with one of them.

It isn’t long before that golden rule is put to the test.

Will Goods grew up in the next trailer over, but the wild, careless boy who used to tear up the town with his three brothers has morphed into someone else so completely, he’s almost unrecognizable. The quiet, contemplative man who works on cars every night and takes care of his mentally ill mother every day is nothing like the local boys Liv grew up avoiding.

But when Liv considers suspending her golden rule just this once, she finds out something about Will that will change everything.

Will Goods isn’t who he used to be—he’s not even the man Liv thinks she’s gotten to know over the summer. He’s become someone else entirely.

He’s become . . .

Damaged Goods.

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  1. Aw, he sounds lovely! Those quotes are great and definitely make me want to read the book.

  2. I really liked Will! And man! That 'thing', you know what I'm talking about, TOTALLY threw me for a loop! I was like WHAAAA? Rofl. I love your quotes and those pictures! Helllooooo hot guy! Hehehe. I'm glad you chose him! He's so great! <3

  3. I so love that you picked Will. He is definitely a wonderful boyfriend. I loved him so much. nicole just knows how to create wonderful guys!

  4. I am intrigued! I definitely need to add HIM and this book to my TBR!


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