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Review: The Forever of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

The Forever of Ella and Micha

Author: Jessica Sorensen
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: May 28, 2013

Ella and Micha have survived tragedy and heartbreak. When they're together, anything seems possible. But now they are thousands of miles apart, and managing their long distance relationship will put their love to the test.

Ella is back at school, trying hard not worry so much about her future. But with her father in and out of rehab, she's having a hard time making it through the days. All she wants is Micha by her side, but she refuses to let her problems get in the way of his dreams.

Micha spends his days touring the country with his band, but deep down he knows something is missing. Being away from Ella is harder than he thought it would be. He wants her closer to him-needs her with him. But he won't ask her to leave college, just to be with him.

The few moments they do spend together are intense and passionate, but it only makes it more difficult when they have to part. They know they want to be together, but is wanting something enough to get them to their forever?

I really loved The Secrets of Ella & Micha so I was super excited for this book to come out. Micha & Ella have this amazing love for each other. However, there are so many obstacles between them and the real question in this book is whether or not they can be overcome.

Ella has come a long way after letting Micha in and trusting him. She opened her heart to him but now she is suffering from anxiety and fear of losing Micha. She struggles back and forth with her desire to protect him and her need to be with him. She is so afraid of becoming like her mother and she doesn’t want to drag Micha down with her. At the same time, she is so in love with him that she can’t imagine a life without him. She feels like she needs to fix herself and become a better person for Micha and this is the emotional struggle she fights throughout the book.

"I miss him like crazy and think about him an unhealthy amount of hours during the day. He consumes my thoughts, my body, my dreams- he's what drives me to be better."

Micha is on the road with his band and living his dream. He has also finally gotten Ella to let him in and he feels like they are in a good place. However, being apart from Ella is putting a strain on their relationship and he can tell that it is having an effect on her. Micha loves Ella and it is obvious that he will do anything to protect her and be with her. He can tell when Ella starts to push him away and I loved that he didn’t just give up when the going got tough but did everything he could to prove that he was in it for good with her.

"She backs off of me and I try not to think about our unbalanced love for each other. She'll get there eventually, once she understands what love is."

Micha and Ella have been a part of each other’s lives since they were kids and have been through a lot together. Now that they are together and Ella has let Micha in, they must work through her insecurities of becoming like her mother and and destroying Micha. Along with Ella’s instability is the ever growing problem of Micha’s father and the issues he brings into Micha’s life.  While helping Ella deal with her emotional issues, he also helps her get through the issues with her family and helps her work towards healing and moving forward. The best part of this book was that it was just a simple love story. A boy and a girl who have spent their whole lives falling in love and found their way into each other’s hearts while helping each other heal and grow stronger. In the end, their love prevails.

Jessica Sorensen is a tremendous author and she did not disappoint with this book. I was so happy with the conclusion of Micha & Ella’s story and I can’t wait for the story of their friends, Ethan and Lila.


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  1. I'm glad you liked this one Chelsea! I've heard some up in the air things, but it's on my list regardless. I loved Secret so I can't wait to see how Jessica wrapped up their story.

  2. I would have to say that I liked Secrets better but I love Micha & Ella so I was happy with this book :-)


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