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Embrace Launch Tour ~ Review + Giveaway: Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia London

I am super excited to be a part of the Embrace Launch Tour, hosted by Inkslinger PR. Embrace is a new adult imprint from Entangled and it is launching with four exciting titles—Ruined, Hushed, Trouble Comes Knocking, and Definitely, Maybe In Love. I am thrilled to share a review for Definitely, Maybe in Love with you all today.

Definitely, Maybe in Love
Author: Ophelia London
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Publication Date: October 28, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: eARC via Inkslinger PR
Spring Honeycutt wants two things: to ace her sustainable living thesis and to save the environment. Both seem hopelessly unobtainable until her college professor suggests that with a new angle, her paper could be published. Spring swears she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that happens.

“Whatever it takes,” however, means forming a partnership with the very hot, very privileged, very conceited Henry Knightly.

Henry is Spring's only hope at publication, but he's also the über-rich son of a land developer and cash-strapped Spring’s polar opposite. Too bad she can't help being attracted to the way he pushes her buttons, both politically and physically. As they work on her thesis, Spring finds there's more to Henry than his old money and argyle sweaters…but can she drop the loud-and-proud act long enough to let him in? Suddenly, choosing between what she wants and what she needs puts Spring at odds with everything she believes in.

Definitely, Maybe in Love is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice that proves true love is worth risking a little pride.


I really adored this book and had a lot of fun reading it. I’ll admit that it has been a very long time since I’ve read Pride & Prejudice but I really love it when classics are modernized because I’m not much of a classic reader myself. This book had all the elements that make a great story for me and it was definitely a book that got better with each page.

Spring is a really fun character and I liked her a lot. She truly cares about the environment and she has a passion for her beliefs. I liked that she was genuine and it was important to her that people recognized that. She is definitely going through a period in her life where she truly wants to find herself and she has changed herself in the last year when doing this. I think sometimes she may have been a bit stubborn and one-sided in her opinions but she stuck to her guns and never conformed for anyone.

Henry is rich, pompous and has the opposite beliefs as Spring. His family is wealthy from land development and this is the entire topic of Spring’s thesis and how harmful it is for the environment so you can see where the tension may come from. However, where there’s tension there is often passion and Spring and Henry have that. Of course their first encounter is less than pleasant and I was not a fan of Henry. I found him to be arrogant and judgmental. Spring handled him like a pro and that definitely intrigued Henry. When he offered to help Spring, I saw a softer side of Henry and he started to grow on me. Honestly, by the end, I was kind of in love with him. I really didn’t see that one coming.

You know they say opposites attract and Henry and Spring are definitely a prime example of that. While they shared a different viewpoint on the topic that brought them together, they found this passion and attraction while arguing with each other and it made life interesting. They opened one another’s eyes and both found middle ground on their beliefs. Poor decisions and snap judgments were made on both sides and the moment when Henry professed his love to Spring left me breathless. It was like 1:00 AM on a work night and I struggled to put the book down to go to bed. Henry and Spring weathered so many obstacles and I think they learned a little with each one they overcame. I absolutely loved the little changes that they made for each other without ever having to ask. They didn’t change because they had too, they changed because they wanted to and that was the most beautiful thing.

This book had some great side characters, especially Spring’s best friend, Mel. She know Spring better than anyone and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and call Spring out when necessary. However, she is always there for her and supporting her when she needs her most. Dart is Henry’s best friend and he is definitely a good guy from the beginning. He makes a decision that had me questioning his character but it was caused by a series of misunderstandings and in the end he proved to be the guy I thought he was from the get go. He truly cares about Julia, Spring’s roommate and Julia is a sweet girl. She is really hurt by Dart’s decisions and I felt so sad for her as she struggled to deal with things. Dart’s sister, Lilah, on the other hand is the snooty villain of this story and I did not like her one bit. She is always putting Spring down and trying to humiliate her. Fortunately and much to my liking, Spring doesn’t go down without a fight and she definitely puts Lilah in her place.

Overall, this was a sweet contemporary romance that was well written and such a divine read. The author continuously surprised me with the story line and I never quite expected what would happen between Spring and Trey. The characters were well developed and I connected with them so easily. It’s saying something about the author when I dislike a character in the beginning and have done a complete 360 with them by the end.
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Ophelia London Bio:
Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California. Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas and she's lived in Dallas ever since. A cupcake and treadmill aficionado (obviously those things are connected), she spends her time watching arthouse movies and impossibly trashy TV, while living vicariously through the characters in the books she writes. Ophelia is the author of DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE, ABBY ROAD, and the Perfect Kisses series including: PLAYING AT LOVE, SPEAKING OF LOVE, and "untitled #3" (Jan 2014). Visit her athttp://ophelialondon.com. But don't call when The Vampire Diaries is on.
About Embrace:
EMBRACE…endless possibilities.  A new adult imprint from Entangled, launching November 11th! You can follow them and get more information about future titles @EPEmbrace or their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmbraceImprint

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  1. This book sounds so cute! I love Pride and Prejudice so this is deff on my list now! Plus I also love that cover! Great review!

  2. I bought this last week and can't wait to read this. It's been years ... many years since I read P&P, so I'm curious about how much I'll 'recognize'. Great review!

  3. Oh this is on my list to read! It looks really cute and P&P is one of my absolute faves! =) I also love when side characters are prominent and awesome!

  4. I love P&P (the movie/tv series more than the book!) so I really want to read this one. I love modern versions of the classics.

  5. Oh I'm so glad you liked this one too! I really enjoyed it! And P&P! I think I need to watch that next week on break. :) I loved how Henry turned out. That food fight scene? Yeah, it was over for me from there on. I was in love. :)

  6. I actually really liked this one a lot and it was one of those books that got better as you kept reading.

  7. Thanks! It was so cute and I actually liked it more and more as I kept reading. I honestly don't remember much of P&P either :-)

  8. This one was so cute and fun! I really enjoyed it!

  9. I definitely need to re-watch P&P, especially after reading this book. I loved the food fight scene too!


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