Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday @ Starbucks #18: Reading Habits & a Valencia Orange Refresher

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This week's topic is: 
Reading Habits & a Valencia Orange Refresher

Drink of the Week: Valencia Orange Refresher
A month or so ago, I featured the Berry Hibiscus Refresher on the blog. Since then, Starbucks has come out with a new flavor: Valencia Orange. I think it may be my new favorite refresher. It is sweet and tangy and definitely refreshing. It has more flavor than any of the other refreshers and is super delicious.
Also, from July 15 to August 18, treat receipts are back! So take your morning latte receipt back in after 2:00 pm and get a grande cold beverage for only $2.00!

Book Topic of the Week: Reading Habits
So I was just sitting around reading, blogging and tweeting and I was thinking about all the different things that I do when I read and it got me thinking about my reading habits and the things I do when I read. I thought it would make a fun topic and I would love to know what other reading habit other readers have.

*Listening to music: I know from other discussion topics, that I am out of the norm on this one. I cannot read in silence. Silence drives me insane! I prefer to have music and I could spend an entire day listening to my playlists while lounging on the couch and reading. If I can't have music, I will let the TV play in the background. On many evenings, I sit and read while my hubby watches TV.

*Multi-tasking: The other day, may dad was visiting and asked how many electronic gadgets I needed. I was sitting on my couch reading my kindle, working on blog posts on my computer and tweeting on my phone. Blogging takes a lot of time and I love chatting with my blogger girls on twitter but I need to be reading so I sometimes do all 3 at the same time, especially on the weeknights since I work all day.

*Reading multiple books: Yes, I am one of those people that sometimes reads multiple books at a time. This works for me and sometimes I have to do it when I'm on a tight deadline. Usually I will start a for pleasure book and then realize I need to read a for-review book and hop over to that one to finish before jumping back. I use an older kindle for the gym, so sometimes I read a different book at the gym than what I'm reading at home.

*Highlighting: I like using quotes in my reviews and sometimes I read something that really speaks to me and I need to remember that. I love to highlight and that is my favorite feature of the Kindle. I can highlight the shit out of a book (and there are some that definitely have a lot of highlights) and this way the book doesn't get ruined.

I am sure there are many more habits but these are the ones I practice most often. What about you? Do you have any habits that you practice on a regular basis? Do you share any of mine?


  1. I share every single one of these! Can't stand silence when I read, music or tv on always. I'm constantly jumping around between my book and goodreads and twitter especially when I read on my tablet. And I'm a highlight fiend on ebooks which is so handy when writing reviews later as I'll have highlighted bits that I loved and bits that annoyed the hell out of me. And I'm never in the middle of less than 3 books, I like the variety as I'm a mood reader.
    My other habit is I go nowhere without my kindle and if I'm queuing anywhere even a few minutes I pull it out.

  2. I prefer music but I will take anything over silence! I am so glad that I am not the only one reading multiple books! :-) I am with you, I try to take my kindle everywhere. Sometimes my hubby says no :-)

  3. I think highlighting is the only one on your list I don't do! Silence drives me crazy so I have to have some kind of noise in the background. Music is best but TV works too. I'm usually reading a couple of books at a time depending on if I'm at home or at work. And yes, my Kindle goes EVERY where with me!

  4. I'm right there with you on the listening to music! I feel scenes so much deeper when I have music playing! I've never gotten on the multiple book train especially now that I review because I'm afraid I would mix things up and I generally am too into books to stop and take notes. LOL.

  5. Valencia Orange Refresher: yum~ I love orange drinks!

    Well, I can read in silence but I also enjoy listening to music while reading/writing up posts/replying to comments. :)
    Multi-tasking: haha, I do that too!
    Reading multiple books: *nods* I almost always have more than one book on the book. Usually an audiobook, a print one and one or two ebooks

  6. I listen to music when blogging, etc but not when reading! not sure why, I just don't. haha yes, I do the same! I have my phone, computer and kindle and I try to do all 3!

  7. l tend to have lots of gadgets around too. I find tweeting is easiest on my phone then I'm reading on my tablet and blogging on my mac. I also always have a paperback nearby too in case my tablet battery gets low and I'm too lazy to find my charger (or if im switching between multiple books which I do all the time).

  8. Oh and valencia orange refresher sounds incredible@

  9. So glad I am not the only one that reads multiple books :-)

  10. I know how you like music! I so love when I can perfectly place a song with a scene. It brings a smile to my face.

  11. I'm starting to think that bloggers all have similar reading habits. Must be what makes us bloggers :-)

  12. My husband shakes his head at me when I'm sitting on the couch doing all 3. I do think it has slowed down my reading a little though since I'm constantly checking the computer and the phone :-)

  13. totally agree! I do most of my tweeting on my phone now. I love that you have a paperback close by too :-)


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