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Release Day Launch ARC Review & Giveaway: Every Shattered Thing by Elora Ramirez

I have wanted to read Every Shattered Thing since the day I first saw this cover. I am a cover junkie and this one drew me in. I am also a lover of emotionally intense books so the synopsis solidified my need to read. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read an ARC and I want to share my review with you. Check it out and enter the giveaway.

Every Shattered Thing
Author: Elora Ramirez
Publication Date: August 27, 2013
Genre: Contemporary

Stephanie fights reality every day. The voices inside, the ones declaring her worth, deem her broken, used and dirty. She is an object. A toy. Something to be tossed aside when bored. Who will believe her if she whispers the truth about her wrecking ball of a family? Eventually, her secret explodes and the person who means the most to her knows just how shattered she is and why she's so afraid. But rescue is closer than she realizes. Hidden in plain sight, her horror hasn’t been ignored by everyone. Racing against the truth of what she faces, forces are joining together and developing a plan to free her from the hell in her own backyard. And while she’s at her lowest point, she’s hit with the beauty of love at any cost - redemption in the face of ruin. Will it be enough?

*Warning: Contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger audiences*


The content warning in the synopsis is not to be taken lightly. This book definitely deals with a tough subject that is all too real and may be difficult to handle. Anytime a book deals with abuse or sexual assault, I find my emotions exceedingly heightened. This book deals with that subject but at an even more intense level than I could have imagined. 

Stephanie is a senior in high school and she is counting down the days to graduation when she will perceptively  be free from her broken home and her abusive father. She has so many obstacles to overcome and being free may just be an out of reach dream but she still has hope for a fresh new start and the chance to live her dreams. I loved that despite everything she was going through and the terror that she lived everyday, she still held out hope and the promise of a "new day."

I was glad that she had people like Kevin and Emma and Jude in her life to help her cope and deal. They truly cared about her and they did everything they could to help her within their power. They never gave up and they came through for her when she needed them. Kevin was the type of guy that had the potential to shatter her even more but he truly connected with Stephanie and loved her. He wanted to protect her and he would do anything to take away her pain and sorrow. He helps her forget and brings her to life when she needs it more than anything else. Emma and Jude are like surrogate parents for her and they think of her as a daughter. They want so badly to help Stephanie and get her away from her father. In the end, they come through for her in so many ways and I was so glad she had them in her life.

Stephanie's father is a truly evil human being and the things that he was doing was so unimaginable. I could never have guessed that the plot would take this turn but when it did, I was sickened and horrified. Not only did he do appalling things to his own daughter but he took advantage of other young girls in the worst way. The deeper I got into this book, the more tragic it became and the harder it was for Stephanie to hold onto any hope. She lost everything and I wanted to cry when the last of her hope died out and she wanted it all to end. She had held on for so long and fought so hard but it came to a point where she saw no way out and no foreseeable future but the nightmare she was living. Kevin rescued her just in time and with it her hope to see another beautiful sunrise again. 

This book was somewhat difficult for me to read because of the intensity and sensitive subject matter. However, I think the author did a really good job with it and handled it well. It really pointed out some unfortunate truths about the social service and justice system as well as the terrible things that can happen right under your nose, in your own neighborhood and community. All it takes is one person to stand up and provide the innocent with hope of another day and a brighter future.

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About Elora:
Elora Ramirez lives in Austin, Texas with her chef-husband. At the age of four, she taught herself how to read and write, cutting her teeth on books like Dr. Suess and writing anywhere she could find the space—including her Fisher Price kitchen set, the pages of picture books and Highlights Magazine. Since then, she's grown to love the way words feel as they swell within her bones. Writing holy and broken is her calling, and pushing back the darkness and pursuing beauty through story is her purpose. She loves hip-hop, wishes she lived by the beach and cannot write without copious amounts of coffee, chocolate, and her husband's lavender liqueur.

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*An eARC was provided to me by the author and Inkslinger PR in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, unbiased opinions.*

Thanks Elora & Kelly!


  1. Kay @ It's a Book LifeAugust 27, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    this sounds like a good but really intense book. I think if I'm going to read it I'm going to have to be in the right frame of mind. Thanks for the review, I do love the cover too. :)

  2. I adore this cover too. Sounds very intense but well handled. I'll add this one to the list also!

  3. Thank you so much for the review + sharing about it here on your blog.

  4. I definitely recommend being prepared for a tough subject matter. It deals with physical and sexual abuse and is very intense but really well done too.

  5. It was much more intense and the turn in subject matter more surprising than I expected but it was good.

  6. You are so welcome! Amazing job and wow, emotionally intense :-) Yes! High Five to Sarah Hansen because the cover is truly amazing.

  7. I love emotional reads, and it's been a while since I read one that made me cry, I think Every Shattered Thing will acomplish tears on my part.

    Great review Chelsea :) thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks Lexxie! This is definitely one that will leave you reeling.


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