Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday @ Starbucks: Books & Sex with a Summer Berry Croissant

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This week's topic is: 
Books & Sex with a Summer Berry Croissant

Starbucks of the Week: Summer Berry Croissant
Seriously, if you haven't tried the summer berry croissant, go to Starbucks right now and get one. It is a seasonal offering, much like my beloved pumpkin spice latte, and will only be available for a short time. It is so delicious and decent in the calorie department. Look at this picture, you know you want one.
Also, it is still treat receipt time at Starbucks so go in early get your daily latte and then go back after 2:00 pm and get any grande for $2.00!

Book Topic of the Week: Books & Sex
For those who frequent my little bookish corner here, you probably know by now that I am a new adult fiend and that I read a lot of it. I also really enjoy more mature adult novels too. I have been reading the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day this week and the topic of sex in books was on my mind and I thought it would make a good discussion topic this week. I'm 28 and not shy to the topic of sex and I actually like it in a book, when it's appropriate of course.

How sex is incorporated into a book and whether or not it's appropriate depends on the genre for me. When I read an adult or new adult book, I generally expect sex to be at least implied, if not explored more thoroughly. General, these types of book don't just imply sex, they describe sexual situations between the characters. Aside from making me blush a little, because let's face it, I'm an easy blusher, this doesn't bother me. I also expect it when I read books in these genres and I'm not surprised by the content. Maybe a little flushed if I'm reading it at the gym (the idea that someone might know what I'm reading instantly reddens my cheeks), but never surprised.

When it's a contemporary romance, I think it can go either way. Sex can either be implied or described and it doesn't matter and I'm not surprised one way or the other. When I'm reading young adult or young adult contemporary, I usually expect sex to only be implied if it is discussed at all. I know some people don't feel like sex should be a topic in YA at all and I can understand that. It doesn't bother me because I'm not naive and I was a young adult once myself so I know how it is when you are 17 or 18. It think that when sex is implied in this genre, it is realistic to life and young adults. Because young adults read these books, I would definitely not expect sex to be described or discussed like it is in an adult novel. If I read a sex scene like the ones in the Crossfire novels in a young adult book, I would be pretty shocked. 

I think sex and how explicitly is it is included in a book depends on the genre and the authors intended audience. Some people, even adults, prefer to read clean books with no dirty language or sexual content while some readers, such as myself, are indifferent and not bothered by it. I can read a new adult or adult book full of sexual content and language one day and read a young adult book full of clean content the next day. The greatest thing about the reading and blogging community is the diversity of reader preferences. 

What about you? Do you like sex in a book or do you prefer a cleaner read? Or are you indifferent to the topic and can take it or leave it? I'd love to hear your opinions on the topic!


  1. I don't actively seek out books with or without sex, but instead just accept it when it's there. Of course, I generally read YA and it's rarely ever there more than a hot make-out scene (haha) so it is what it is. I honestly don't think it should matter though, even with YA. I mean, yeah, maybe having the details could be awkward but I was a teen once and I knew teens were having sex! I think the worst part about actually being a teen is that fact that no one wants to talk about it and you're just left clueless, having to figure things out on your own. Books can be a valuable tool to talk about sex and it's consequences. But yeah, it doesn't bother me! :P

  2. I agree. I definitely don't think sex should be described in a YA novel like an NA or an Adult. But the sex scenes don't always have to 'fade' either. I think the best example of YA sex would be in Jeri Smith Ready's Shade series. It's realistic, it's not prettied up, faded into black. You know what happens, it's sweet, it's sexy, and it's tasteful. But if I'm reading a romance in an upper YA novel, where the characters are 17-18, and it's getting serious, I think it's unrealistic to not include it. Because it happens. I don't have to read books with sex in them, but I uh, don't mind it either. LOL.

  3. You're right. I do totally want one of those pastries. It looks so yummy.

    I'm not at all bothered by sex in adult novels, but I also do not tend to read books where there is a lot of explicit sex. I really tend to read either YA, chick-lit, or contemporary adult fiction. But I'm not bothered by it when it does happen, explicit or not. Sex doesn't bother me in YA, either, but I definitely think it needs to be handled in a responsible and healthy way. Sex is natural and I don't think authors should feel the need to shy away from it. Language really doesn't bother me at all. I can swear like the best of them, but it has to sound natural, which can sometimes be hard on the page. Great post!

  4. I totally agree Asti. It is a part of teenage life an I think books can be so helpful too. I think an a YA author is being realistic when including it in a contemporary story because it does happen. Thank you so much for stopping by :-)

  5. Agreed! I like when an author writes it in a realistic manner for YA and doesn't just fade it away. The Find You in the Dark books did a really good job with it because she describes it in a very mature way without being too explicit. I like steamy sex scenes in NA and Adult but prob not realistic in YA because it does not happen that way :-)

  6. It is so, so delicious!! I agree, handling sex in YA books has to be done right because I think it needs to be realistic. Sex as teens is a sensitive topic and it should be realistic in books. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  7. I like a bit of sex in my adult novels. Books like 50 or Crossfire where the whole relationship seems to revolve around sex tend sto lose my attention pretty quickly. I would rather a nice slow build up with a few intimate moments towards the end.

  8. I know what you mean. I like the Crossfire series but by book 3, I am worn out. They have way too much sex and it is almost unrealistic. In fact, I am pretty sure it is impossible :-)

  9. I missed this discussion last weekend! I don't really have a problem with sex in books and I'll go as far as to say I enjoy it. But not when the whole book revolves around sex, I need more than that. Too much and its like a filler and a cheap gimmick to sell the book. As part of a interesting relationship and a part of the plot but not the whole plot yes then I'm all in
    Sex in YA I have mixed feelings on. I think it should be written about but in a tasteful manner if you know what I mean.

  10. I don't have a problem with sex, in any genre, to be honest. I agree with you, I wasn't a naive 17 or 18 year old and I don't think the teens NOW are either. Should it be as detailed and explicit as NA/Adult? No, probably not. I don't tend to read "clean" adult novels either. Most of my favorite adult novels are erotica. I have no shame LOL Great topic Chelsea!


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