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New Release Launch & ARC Review: Stolen Wishes by Lexi Ryan

Stolen Wishes has just released and I am super excited to share my review with you today. If you haven't read the New Hope series, I highly recommend it!

Stolen Wishes
(New Hope #1.5)
Author: Lexi Ryan
Publisher: Ever After LLC
Publication Date: January 7, 2013
Genre: New Adult
Source: eARC via Lexi Ryan

A sexy smile. Intense blue eyes. A goodness that makes him want to save me from these rumors when no one else would care. I didn't ask for a hero. William Bailey was never supposed to be anything more than a wish, a dream, an unrequited crush. Not for a girl like me--a girl whose fractured family has stolen her chance at a decent life.

Since the death of my parents, I've always done what’s expected of me, what's "best" for me. Until Cally. The moment her haunted eyes meet mine, the fractured pieces of my heart feel whole again. I don’t just want to save her. I need her to save me.

Stolen chances. Unbroken wishes. Two lonely souls grasping for hope in the darkness. 

**This novella takes place seven years before the events in WISH I MAY and shows William and Cally falling in love for the first time. It can be read before or after WISH I MAY or on its own.**

**Contains sexual content and adult language and situations. Intended for mature readers.*


I absolutely love the New Hope Series and Callie and Will are two of my favorite characters. I freaking loved them and reading their story in Wish I May so I was super excited when Lexi offered ARCs for their prequel novella. I needed more Cally and Will and seeing how it all started seven years ago was so exciting. I love Lexi’s writing and the plot and character development was expertly done, especially for a novella.

William and Cally come from completely different worlds and grew up on the opposite side of the tracks. They’re both trying to break free from their family and find their own way in the world. Despite all their difference, that’s one thing they have in common and I think that’s why they have this instant connection. Of course, William is the handsome, rich, popular quarterback and the fantasy of every girl’s dream, Cally included but what Cally doesn’t realize is that she’s caught William’s eye too and he has secretly been crushing on her. Will is seriously so sweet and I love him so much.

Cally is a bit insecure about herself and skeptical about Will’s attention in the beginning but considering her family situation, I can totally understand it. She can’t imagine why Will would be interested in her when he can have any other girl in school. However, she quickly realizes that Will is so much more than a pretty face and she doesn’t let her insecurities get in the way of building something with him. I really love that Cally doesn’t let her mom’s reputation or what people think of her define who she is. However, I think she worries so much that she’ll be like her mother that she is extra cautious. She takes things very slow with Will and I respected her for that. I respected Will even more for not pressuring her and being supportive of her feelings.

Even though this is just a novella, it still gave me all the FEELS. I think I was especially emotional because I know how things are going to turn out and what the future holds for these two. It’s a long and heartbreaking journey and this was where it all started. The tender moments between Will and Cally are so damn sweet and I fell in love with Will all over again. I always knew they had chemistry but it’s obvious that it was so much more than that. What they actually have is true love.


A New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author, Lexi Ryan considers herself the luckiest chick she knows. Her books have been described as intense, emotional, and wickedly sexy. Lexi herself has only been described using two of those adjectives (feel free to guess but she’s not telling). When not writing, she enjoys watching football, perfecting her chocolate martini, and reading her way to the title of Biggest Romance Fangirl Evah. A former college professor, her biggest fears include faculty meetings and large stacks of ungraded freshman composition papers. She now writes full­time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband and two children and their neurotic dog.

Twitter: @writerlexiryan

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  1. *sigh* another series I have been meaning to start! This sounds so good and it makes me think of the movie Pretty In Pink- which I loved. Great review!

  2. LOL, I know right? I have SO many series that I need to start and read too! This is a really good one that I recommend :-)

  3. Yes! I thought this was bittersweet because I know what came next! But I loved seeing how the two first met!

  4. Definitely bittersweet! I think that is why I felt so emotional because I knew the long journey they had ahead of them and it made me sad that they would be apart for so long.


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