Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday @ Starbucks: My 2013 Music Picks & a Chocolate Chai Tea Latte

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This week's topic is: 
My Top Music Finds in 2013 &  a Chocolate Chai Tea Latte

Featured Drink: Chocolate Chai Tea Latte
Chai Tea Lattes are great on their own but when you add a little chocolate to sweeten the pot, they are delectable. I like my coffee drinks a bit on the sweeter side but I'm not a huge chocolate fan (I know, don't stone me). The mix between sweet and spice is perfect in this drink.

DiscussionTopic: My Top Music Finds in 2013
Along with coffee and books, my third favorite thing is music. I absolutely love music and enjoy listening to all types of genres. What I like most about music is its power to heal and inspire. I don't look for music in particular genres, I look for music that holds meaning to me. I love a song that stirs something inside of me and really brings out all the feels. I am always listening to music while I read and I love picking songs that I hear while reading that really resonate with me in a particular book. I strive to match my music with the mood of a book I'm reading and I hope I do it well. Throughout the year, I have come across some AMAZING songs that have really taken root in my soul. While not all of them are new songs, they are new to me and I wanted to spotlight my favorites for the year.

Poison & Wine~ I love The Civil Wars and the moment I first heard Poison & Wine, I was in love with this song. This is probably my favorite song of the year!
Everything Has Changed~ I'm a fan of Taylor Swift's music, even if I do think she goes through men like underwear in order to write her music. There's something about this song that just speaks to me soul.
Almost Lover & Near To You~ I discovered A Fine Frenzy on Pandora and immediatlely fell in love with their music. These 2 songs are freaking fabulous and when I'm in the mood for slow and melodic, I blast these 2 songs over and over.
If I Lost Myself & Counting Stars~ I'm actually in love with this entire album but these 2 songs are the ones that really stood out and I am especially fond of If I Lose Myself.
Crash My Party~ Luke Bryan, enough said! But really, I love the words and the beat to this song plus Jake's sexy voice. I want to crash his party!
All That I'm Asking For~ Lifehouse is one of my top favorite bands. I have been in love with them for years and even though this album is from 2010, I just discovered this song and I am shocked I never noticed it before.
For the First Time~ I actually got to see The Script live and they were amazing. Plus, their Irish adn have tattoos. I was doing some serious swooning! This song, I just fell in love with it from the first time. :-)
Forever & Almost Always~ When I first heard Kate Voegele's music on One Tree Hill, I was mesmerized. She has so many great songs but this one in particular really stuck with me when I heard it for the first time this year.
I also discovered Boyce Avenue this year and I have fallen in love with their music and the incredible covers they do. I love the way they take a song and put their own unique spin on it. If I picked a favorite cover, I would go with Somebody That I Used to Know. I think I like their version better than the original by Gotye.

I could probably go on and on about all the songs that have etched their way into my soul and impacted me this year but then this post would be ridiculously long. What about you? Do you enjoy any of these songs as much as I do? What are some of your favorites songs or albums of the year?


  1. CIVIL WARS! YES! I love them SO much! And wow Chelsea! These are all great songs! I LOVE A Fine Frenzy! I think my favorite song is Ashes and Wine. Kate Voegele rocks too! Have you heard her version of Hallelujah? It's one of my faves!

    Let's see. My faves?

    I am in absolute love with The Neighbourhood's CD. I Love You is the album and Sweater Weather is my FAVORITE! And Imagine Dragons! They are definitely a top pick this year! Demons haunts me. And of course- I am obsessed with all things Lana del Rey. I love ALL of her songs! This is a great post chica!

  2. LOL, goes through men like underwear! Whatever she is doing, it works! I love her music, her lyrics have so much meaning behind them.

    Love The Civil Wars too! A fairly new discovery for me but I'm hooked. The Script are good too and I'm glad you enjoyed them as I had heard previously that they weren't great live, good to know that's not true! And I really gotta check out Luke Bryan, I don't know his music at all.

    So far this year I LOVE - Just give me a reason by Pink however my favourite band is Coldplay so any of their songs do it for me but Fix Me is my all time favourite. I also really like The Killers and The Lumineers.

  3. I love the Script and One Republic! I don't usually listen to music when I read.. I when I DO listen to music, I get stuck on a genre or artist and that is all I listen to! LOL I'll check these artist out though :)

  4. I was waiting to see when you'd feature Chocolate Chai Tea Lattes! I really like them! My friends didn't and I was aghast. haha. Anyway, I don't listen to music when I read, mostly in the car so I can sing along with no one to eavesdrop. (haha) I love so many of these that you mentioned! I do like Taylor Swift a lot too! LOVE luke bryan, lifehouse and one republic!! I need to check out boyce avenue - I don't think I've ever listened to them!

  5. Fine Frenzy is so good, I love Ashes & Wine too! Kate Voegele's version of Hallelujah is one of my faves. I love Imagine Dragons and Demons is ana amazing song. Lana Del Ray is also amazing. Love that we share music interests.

  6. I agree, that is why I like Taylor Swift's music too. I really liked the Script and I thought they were excellent live. You definitely need to check out Luke Bryan! I really like The Killers and The Lumineers and Coldplay too. Oh, Just Give Me a Reason is a fave of mine too.

  7. I totally get stuck on a song when I love it too. I will listen to it over and over.

  8. :-D Aren't they so delicious!! I love singing along in the car and at home. I can't carry a tune but I love to sing anyways. :-) Definitely check out Boyce Avenue, I am in love with the lead singer's voice.


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