Thursday, November 14, 2013

ARC Review: Christmas Catch by Chelsea Cameron

Christmas Catch
(12 NA’s of Christmas Novella)
Author: Chelsea Cameron
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: October 25, 2013
Genre: New Adult
Source: eARC via Inkslinger PR

Two years ago, when Ivy Emerson bailed from the tiny fishing village she’d grown up in to go to Columbia, Sawyer McCallister was the only thing she was sad to leave behind, and she still didn’t look back. But when her mother guilts her into coming home for Christmas, she crashes headfirst into Sawyer, who’s also returned after being away. 
Now that they’ve both been dragged back to Saltwater, Maine, they might just realize it’s where they belong. Together.


This is the first book I have read by Chelsea Cameron, and while it’s only a novella, I absolutely adored it. She has a unique writing style that I can’t quite describe but I’m over the moon with it. Chelsea did a great job with character development and I really enjoyed the plot.

Emerson grew up in a very small town and she couldn’t wait to get out and go off to college. When she left, she also broke it off with her high school sweetheart, Sawyer who was going to another school. After not being home for the holidays in 2 years, Emerson comes back to town and runs right into Sawyer. All of the feelings she pushed aside come rushing back and she may have the second chance she didn’t even realize she was looking for.

I liked Emerson, a lot. She is confident, smart and she’s got this feisty attitude. She reminds me a lot of myself and I really connected with her. Growing up in a small town, every one dreams of getting out and do bigger things. Emerson is no different and she works her tail off to get accepted to Columbia and moves to the city. She feels like an outcast in her family because no one understands why she doesn’t want to stay in small town Maine, get married and pop out a bunch of kids. It’s obvious she has a bit of a strained relationship with her family but they just love her and miss her. She slowly comes to realize how much she actually misses them too. Her mom is hilarious and she’s always coming up with ways to push Emerson and Sawyer back together.

Sawyer is sweet and it is clear that he is still in love with Emerson and he still wants to be with her. Emerson isn’t quite over Sawyer yet and every time she sees him again, all the feels come rushing back in. Her resolve to stay away from him slowly melts with each chance meeting and all it takes is for Sawyer to stand up and fight. I loved how he challenged her and helped her see what she was missing out on by staying away from home. His life was changing but he wasn’t asking Emerson to give up her dreams, just to change them and accommodate for other things, including him. Emerson was easy to convince, especially by the swoony Sawyer.

Even though this is a short novella, I enjoyed just as much as a full length book. I found the depth of the plot fantastic for a novella and I could easily connect with Emerson and get a sense of who she was as a character. I’m excited to read a full length book by Chelsea Cameron if this is what she can do with a novella.

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  1. These Christmas novellas are just screaming at me to read them! They sound so great! Great review!

  2. Yes! When you're ready for all of the Christmas fun, read these :-)

  3. Aww! I need to start making a list of these Christmas books! I'm going to need them to get me in the holiday spirit! I love Chelsea's writing too, so I'll be adding this one for sure!

  4. Ooo I want to read this one, I love the sound of Emerson and Sawyer :)


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