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Saturday @ Starbucks: Fall Favorites & a Pumpkin Spice Latte

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This week's topic is: 
Fall Favorites and a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Featured Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back and all is right with the world again. This is the first sign of fall and I think that's why I love them so much. The greatest thing about them is that their seasonal. That's what makes them so delicious, there only here for a limited time. While they can be a little sweet for me, I will drink them for a month straight for the fall feelings.

DiscussionTopic: Fall Favorites

Ok, so I know this isn't really a bookish topic but I love Fall. It is may favorite season for so many reasons. I grew up in Idaho which has 4 honest to god seasons and I loved it. I live in Seattle now and while the season changes are a little milder, we still get a lovely Fall here. I don't think I could live somewhere that doesn't have a seasonal change. Here are my Fall favorites and the reasons I love this season!

I love wearing boots but especially love them in the fall and winter. They're comfortable and warm and let's face it, I live in Seattle where it rains a hell of a lot in the winter and I need to wear boots.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Obviously this is a fall favorite for me as evidenced above. Ehough said!

I freaking love sweaters! I don't know what it is but I just love them. They are so comfortable and there is a style for every occasion. 

I've always been a sports girl but Fall is synonymous with football and there's nothing better than relaxing on a Sunday with some football on the TV.

Color Changes
I am a total outdoorsy, scenery person. I love the part of Fall when all the leaves start changing the beauty of the colors. Living in the Pacific NW, we get the glorioius contrast of the leave changes on the decidious trees with the constant green of the pine. It's one of the reasons I love it here. There is color year round!

Acorn Squash
When I was a kid, my grandpa would plant a big huge garden and he always grew acorn squash. Every Fall, he would harvest it and then he would make me some whenever I went to visit. I have loved the stuff ever since then and as soon as fall hits, I'm buying acorn squash on a weekly basis. Add a little brown sugar and butter and it's a great, healthy side dish for dinner.

Homemade Salsa
I plant tomatos every spring for the sole purpose of being able to harvest them in the Fall and make salsa. I love homemade salsa and it is so delicious with fresh from the garden tomatos.

I love Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays. I'm a total nerd and I love the Halloween movies ont the Disney channel. Carving Pumpkins, candy and the start of the holiday season make this a favorite of mine.

Fall Scented Candles
I love to candles. I don't actually burn them because I am a bit paranoid but I have candle burners all over my house and I can't wait to change them out and put in my Fall candles. These are my favorite scents out of all the seasons.

Since this is a book blog, I suppose I could include something bookish in this post. :-)
It rains a lot here in Seattle during the Fall and Winter so I never feel too bad about holing up in my house and reading on the weekends. One of the things I love to do, is curl up on my couch, turn on the fireplace and read a book while I listen to the rain beat down outside. There's just something so relaxing about reading by the fireplace.

What about you? Do you like Fall as much as I do? What are some of your favorite things about the season? Where do you like to read in the cold weather? I want to know it all!



  1. Awww I ADORE this post and I just got so homesick reading it! Prepare yourself for a long comment! haha. I LOVE fall and I miss Seattle fall most of all! (Seriously, there's only 2 seasons in vegas -- hot half the year, mild the other half -- it's awful) I LOVE boots and sweaters and any kind of fall-ish wear! (by the way, loved your boots you wore to the signing!) Half my closet is peacoats and scarves and sweaters and I never ever get to wear any of it now. As much as it rains in Seattle, I kind of miss my undergrad days traipsing cross campus in boots in the rain with my starbucks coffee. =) um, also I love stomping through piles of crunchy leaves. haha. pumpkin spice lattes make me SO happy. last year, the first one I had of the season was in vegas so I drank it in a cold AC-ed room and pretended it was fall. Eeee, yes, football!! Whenever football season rolls around again, I feel like my life is more complete. =) I kind of go a little crazy when the fall candles come out. My absolute fave is Leaves from Bath & Body works! And Apple Pumpkin from yankee. yummm. I love love reading with a blanket inside listening to the rain!! I did this a lot before! It's so comforting and relaxing!

    *sigh* totally homesick now, I miss all these things! good thing I'm moving back next year!! Anyway. Sorry that I've left an entire NOVEL on your blog... but I got too excited. =)

  2. I love fall (or Autumn as we call it here!). My favourite things are crisp, chilly mornings, all the apples on our apple trees that I can make apple crumple with, walks in the woods kicking up the leaves like a 5 year old, lighting fires again and snuggling down beside it.
    I think you've inspired me to go buy an Autumnal candle! And no spiced pumpkin lattee here (boo!) but I'll settle with a hot choc with lashings of marshmallows!
    Great post!

  3. I love fall too! It's my favorite season. :) I love wearing hoodies and sweaters, curling up under a warm blanket, drinking red wine (I don't care for it during the summer), and overall just love that chill in the air! I love college football, so Saturdays are pretty sacred at my house. I make frequent trips back to Knoxville (not to go to the game, but just to be around the atmosphere!) I still haven't brought myself to burn candles, as I'm still a bit paranoid, but my mom got me one of those Scentsy ones, so I think I'll start using that with a fall fragrance. The only thing I desperately wished I had was a front porch to curl up and read on!

  4. Fall is hands down my favorite season. We get to experience all four seasons here in MN as well, although winter seems to linger much longer than anyone wants it to- lol! I love the mild temperatures that come with the season- not too hot, not too cold- just right. I love wearing fall colors- the reds/browns/oranges/muted yellows- and they all look good with my fair skin. :) Halloween is also my favorite holiday- although I'm watching the B-rated slasher flicks. I grew up on them so I can't help it. Thanks for sharing your favs too!

  5. I love fall too!! It my favorite season too. Sadly where I live our fall won't be coming for another month & doesn't last very long :(
    but onto the greatness of fall - those boots, OMG too cute!! LOVE them!

    I just got a pair of black lace up boots I can't wait to wear when the weather cools off!!
    Hot cocoa, leggings, sweaters, football, snuggling up on the couch reading... ahh!

    I like to read romance, feel good books as the weather begins to cool off.
    I am actually currently reading Halloween themed books so I am really getting in the mood for the upcoming season. Great Post, have a great weekend - Elizabeth @ Blue Eyed Book Reviews

  6. Aww, sorry to make you homesick :-( So glad you will be moving back in a year though! It will go by fast. One of my favorite things about growing up in Idaho is having 4 actually legitimate seasons. I feel like Seattle is much milder on season changes but Fall is in there so I'm okay with it. Aww, peacoats, scarves and sweaters. My heart sings just thinking about these things!

  7. LOL, I do love the word Autumn :-) I totally agree, I love the crisp chilly mornings too and all the leaves on the ground. Boo on no pumpkin spice latte but yay to hot chocolate with marshmallows and maybe add some Bailey's in there too. Only at night though, I swear I don't drink in the mornings :-)

  8. Yay!! Just another awesome thing we have in common. I should have known it would be your favorite too :-) I love drinking spiced red wine in the fall and winter. Red wine is definitely not a summer wine. I love the football atmosphere too, even if I'm not actually going to the game. Love downtown Seattle on game days! I am with you on burning candles. I am all about wickless instruments :-) no fire for me! Ooh a front porch would be divine with a blanket and a porch swing. *sigh* My next house!

  9. Yay! I'm so glad to see that so many other people love fall as much as I do :-) I have heard about the MN winters. Definitely agree on wearing fall colors, gets me into the seasons! I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to scary movies LOL

  10. I'm so happy you love fall as much as I do! Boo on no Fall yet, Sep 1 hits and I am in the mood. It starts to feel like Fall here pretty early though this year we have had an unseasonably warm Sept. I won't complain though since the rain is coming next week. Ooh, your boots sound awesome!! Yes and yes to cocoa and leggings. I like the idea of reading Halloween themed books. I am a sucker for the Disney channel original Halloween movies :-)

  11. Fall is my favorite season too! I love Halloween, it is my favorite. Makes a their outta me because I steal all the candy HAHAHA


  12. Catriona MerryweatherSeptember 15, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    Love this post! I have a love hate relationship with fall/autumn. Its great because of all the boots and scraves and wintery type things beginning to come through, but i HATE that its so dark at night, its dark when i go to school and dark when I come home :-( i can cope with this though because it means the run up to xmas too! I hope we get the pumpkin spice lattes again this year in the UK, I wish we had them already i mean it is autumn. Have to make some pumpkin soup soon too!

  13. I LOVE this whole post! <3333 I love everything pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice Latte is one of my all time favorite drinks :) I also love to wear (knee-high) boots and cute sweaters. Fall colors and scented candles - aww, perfection :)

  14. I love Halloween candy, probably more than I should :-) I always buy some even though I live at the end of this dire road culdesac and never get any trick or treaters.

  15. Thank you! I will totally agree on the darkness. That is probably one of my least faves. Also, here in Seattle it starts to rain a lot and I have 2 big dogs so muddy dogs is another downside :-)

  16. Thanks you! <3 I had to talk about this because I am giddy with excitement now that fall is here. Knee high books and sweaters are a necessity in my fall wardrobe :-)


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