Monday, July 15, 2013

15 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8

This challenge is hosted by April over at Good Books, Good Wine. It is a new, unique challenge to put some spark back into blogging. Day 5 challenge is to Write 15 Bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs

This was a tough one an I could only come up with 12 but here are the things I love to see on blogs.
  • Clean and neat blog design and layout: I am an organization freak so I love when I can find things easily on a blog
  • I love discussion topics! They are so fun and I love discussing things book related.
  • Weekly Meme posts: I love visiting a blog regularly for a meme that they participate in weekly.
  • Goodreads sidebars: I like knowing what others are reading and what their favorites are for book ideas.
  • Reviews: While I love all of the other bookish topics and things, I also love reading reviews.
  • Music Posts: I love music and listen to it when I read all the time. My friend Jessica @ Lovin Los Libros does Music Mondays and I check it out every week.
  • Rating systems: I love to see how people rate books and what a specific rating means to them.
  • Blog rolls: I really like knowing what other blogs people enjoy to visit and who some of their blogging buddies are.
  • "About Me" sections: I really like reading the personal information about a blogger and getting to know them a little bit.
  • Bloglovin: I like following blogs via Bloglovin so I love to see that on their sites. 
  • Unique features: I really enjoy checking out unique features that others bring to their blog.
  • New release posts: I love it when I can find upcoming release posts so I know when a book I may have forgot about is about to come out.


  1. I usually use Blog Rolls to see who is who's blog tour host lol I know it's bad but I love them!

    Great post!

  2. I love a blog with a good mix of discussion, reviews and memes. It means there is always something new and fun to look at. I hate when a blog only updates once or twice a month, I tend to end up forgetting about those ones.
    And I love about me sections, I like to know a little bit about the person behind the blog, it helps me make a connection.

  3. Yay for Music Mondays! I love your ipod picks too. Music is one of my favorite things aside from books so it is nice to see them both!

  4. What sort of stuff do you guys like to see in an
    "About Me"? Family, pets, interests, job, location? That sort of stuff?

  5. Erin @ Pursuit of Good ReadsJuly 15, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    I love for an "About Me" section to tell me about the blogger's personal life like you mentioned and their purpose or goal for their blog. Anything that will help me understand what the blogger is trying to accomplish, so I can decide if I want to get on board! Extra points for creativity and distinct personality.

  6. Totally agree! A good variety and mix is fun. I also love learning a little personal information about the blogger as well.

  7. I totally agree! It is nice to get to know the blogger a little bit! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Thanks! I love that we have the same taste in music too!

  9. Yeah I love about mes! It helps me put a person behind the blog and then I can connect to it a lot more.

  10. Exactly! It is really nice to get to know that person and know a little about who they are.


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