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Blog Tour: Waiting for the Storm by Marie Landry~ Review & Giveaway

Today, I have the blog tour, organized by Xpresso Book Tours, for Waiting for the Storm by Marie Landry on the blog today. I am super excited to share my review and a giveaway with you!

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Waiting for the Storm
Author: Marie Landry
Publication Date: April 9, 2013
Genre: YA Contemporary
Seventeen-year-old Charlotte O’Dell knows this summer is going to suck. Her mother just died, her sister hates her, and her dad has completely checked out. Fulfilling her mother’s final wish, the family heads to Angel Island for the summer to stay in a beach house her mother once loved. 

After a year of being shut away taking care of her mother, Charlotte is numb and practically afraid of her own shadow; she hopes going to the island will give her the time and space she needs to begin healing, and an opportunity to bring her family back together. When she meets her mysterious neighbor, Ezra, it doesn’t take long for Charlotte to confess the issues she’s developed. Ezra begins giving Charlotte assignments to get over her fears, and although she accepts his tasks, all she really wants is to be with him. When she’s with Ezra, she’s able to forget the hollow ache in her heart and the fact that her family is falling apart. But Ezra has secrets…

Can Charlotte pull what’s left of her family together, mend her broken heart, and allow herself to fall for Ezra? Or is it all just a storm waiting to happen?

I am a huge fan of contemporary novels so when I read the synopsis for Waiting for the Storm, I knew I wanted to read this book and be a part of the blog tour. I am all about books that really draw you in and pull on the emotions and I knew that Waiting for the Storm would do that.

I am a huge fan of contemporary novels so when I read the synopsis for Waiting for the Storm, I knew I wanted to read this book and be a part of the blog tour. I am all about books that really draw you in and pull on the emotions and I knew that Waiting for the Storm would do that.

I absolutely adored Charlotte. She was sweet, kind and very caring, especially for her family. She spent her entire senior year studying at home to be with her mom who was dying from brain cancer. She gave up a pivotal time in her life to be there for her mother and make her last days more comfortable and bearable. Charlotte was always a popular, outgoing extrovert but the year she spent shut in with her mom really changed her. After her mom’s death, she felt broken and lost because she didn’t know who she was anymore. A part of her was lost during that time and now she struggles to gain it back. My heart broke for her as she struggled to keep her family together after the death and it was so sad that she had to watch her dad fall apart. I also admired the way she handled her sister, Ella, who was a rotten little snatch to her.

“We were like a group of strangers rather than a family. Flesh and blood didn’t seem to mean anything anymore. I couldn’t remember the last time we’d eaten a meal together.”

Ezra is definitely a guy I could get on board with. He has his own losses and demons to deal with and I think he instantly felt this kindred spirit with Charlotte. He could sense her pain and loss and he was drawn to her. He was so sensitive and provided her with a shoulder to lean on and share her secrets and fears. I felt so sad for him when he revealed the pain and loss he had suffered to Charlotte and I wanted to wrap him in a hug.

“I wondered if it was possible for a person’s heart to actually jump out of their mouth. I laid my hand over my chest, feeling my heart banging like a jackhammer inside. Would I ever be able to figure out Ezra Rhodes?”

Charlotte and her dad promised her mom they would spend the summer at the beach house she went to as a kid and a week after her funeral, they head over there. They are all still raw from the loss of her and Charlotte can already see the effect it is having on her father. He has become withdrawn and distant and it is so hard for her to grieve when she feels like she needs to take care of him. It also doesn’t help that her sister is an ungrateful little bitch who tears her down every chance she gets. I loved when she tried to come onto Ezra in front of Charlotte and he totally shot her down. It definitely put a smile on my face.

“Ezra,” she said slowly, eyeing him like he was a big piece of man candy. “What a cool name. Where’d you get it?” “I’ve always had it,” he said, and I couldn’t help the snicker that rose to my lips.”

Meeting Ezra was exactly what Charlotte needed. He helped her process her grief and come back out of her shell. They fell for each other quickly and they had a whirlwind romance but it really worked for me because they both had something so powerful connecting them and it was easy to believe that they would latch onto each other for much needed companionship and support. He comforted her when she needed him the most and helped her gain the courage to reach out to her father and stand up to her sister. I loved that Charlotte didn’t give up on her family and she found a way to reach out and re-connect with her sister. Ella’s anger and hate was fueled by jealousy and I think she was using it as an outlet for the grief she held for her mother’s death.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I felt like the author really showcased the way that grief reaches to the depths of our souls and can change our lives in an instant. The book was really well written and I definitely felt connected to the story and characters.
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Marie Landry is the author of BLUE SKY DAYS (contemporary YA—January 2012), UNDRESSED (a collection of short erotic romance stories—October 2012), THE GAME CHANGER (chick lit—November 2012), and WAITING FOR THE STORM (contemporary YA—April 2013). Marie has always been a daydreamer; since early childhood, she’s had a passion for words and a desire to create imaginary worlds, so it only seemed natural for her to become a writer. She resides in Ontario, Canada, and most days you can find her writing, reading, blogging about writing and reading, listening to U2, or having grand adventures with her two precious nephews. For more on Marie and her books, please visit or check out her book blog Ramblings of a Daydreamer (

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*An e-copy of this book was provided to me by the author and Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.*

Thanks Marie and Giselle!

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  1. I love the sound of this one! Glad you loved it :)

  2. It was a really good young adult contemp and I loved the characters, anyways the ones you are supposed to love :-)

  3. Charlotte and Ezra sounds like my kind of couple with a wonderfully realistic romance! So happy you enjoyed it, Chelsea! :)

  4. Sounds good, sad but good. Great review, I'm going to buy a copy!

  5. Great review Chelsea! I really enjoyed reading this one. Charlotte and Ezra were precious and I'm glad Ella changed for the better in the end. :D

  6. Thanks! So glad you got a copy. I think you will like it and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  7. Thanks! I was glad Ella came to her senses too. She was awful in the beginning. I was so glad that Ezra saw right through her though and didn't waver from Charlotte.

  8. Thank you so much for being part of the tour, and for the beautiful review, Chelsea. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. :-)


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