Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday @ Starbucks: Recognition Worthy Authors & Iced White Chocolate Mocha

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This week's topic is: 
Recognition Worthy Authors & an Iced White Chocolate Mocha
Authors who deserve more recognition was the Top Ten Tuesday Topic this week over at The Broke & Bookish. I had too much going on that day and didn't get a chance to join in so I decided to post mine on my Saturday @ Starbucks post this week.

Drink of the Week: Iced White Chocolate Mocha
This weekend, I am in Boise, ID for a wedding and it is 100 degrees here so I decided that an iced coffee was definitely in order. The white chocolate mocha is deliciously full of calories but I decided to indulge myself anyways. I just ask for non-fat milk and make myself feel better. :-)

Book Topic of the Week: Recognition Worthy Authors
Since I am once again travelling this weekend and I didn't get a chance to do my TTT post this week, I decided to share my Top Ten Authors I think deserve more recognition today.

A. Meredith Walters

Find You in the Dark was the my first A. Meredith Walters book and I was blown away. It was such a beautiful and intense novel. I had so many feels with these books and I can honestly say that I was disappointed when they were over because I wanted more.

Nicole Williams

I absolutely loved Lost & Found and instantly became a fan of Nicole Williams. The minute I finished this book, I went straight out and started Up In Flames and then the Crash Series. I was so impressed with her writing.

J.A. Huss

       Manic (Rook and Ronin, #2)

When I finished Tragic, I had so many feelilngs about this book I had to put aside all my other reviews to write this one because I needed to get it out. I am 

Lizzy Ford

 I heart Lizzy so much! She is a writing machine and sometimes I can't keep up with her. Her books are super amazing and I especially love the Witchling series. It is by far one of my favorite paranormal series.

Jasinda Wilder

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE Jasinda Wilder fan and these 2 books are my absolute favorite.

Renee Carlino

Out of all the books I have read, Will Ryan is my all time favorite male lead. I absolutely loved him and I fell in love with this book. Renee is one of the best debut authors I have read.

Jay Crownover

Jay really knows how to create a sexy, tattooed, swoon worthy character and I love The Marked Men series. I recommend these books to everyone!

Addison Moore

Addison is one of the most versatile authors I have read. She seems to be able to write any genre and do it really well. I love her paranormal books but she really made an excellent debut into New Adult with Someone to Love.

JA Redmerski

I was mesmerized by The Edge of Never and I plan to pick up and read any book that J.A. Redmerski puts out.

Katy Evans

Remington Tate! I'm not sure I really need to say much more. Everyone needs to know about Katy Evans and her incredible writing abilities. Also, they all need to meet Remy.


  1. The only one I've read is Katy's! SHAME ON ME! Most of them are on my list though! And now I'm adding A. Meredith Walters! Those look awesome! AND HELLO ICED WHITE MOCHA! I wants one!

  2. Hey, Chelsea! I just finished Falling Into You and I had to stop by and tell you that I REALLY enjoyed it. I can't stop thinking about Nell & Colton. They were such great characters!

  3. Yes, shame on you. :-) Just kidding! Yes, you have to read Find you in the Dark! I absolutely loved these books.

  4. YAY!! I am so, so happy to hear that. Colton and Nell are amazing. You must read Falling Into Us. You will love it too!

  5. yummmm iced white mocha sounds amazing right now. Oh, I've been meaning to read Lost & Found! And I wanna read Rule too. And yes. I WILL read falling into us. I will. and you'll be the first to know! =)

  6. It was so delicious and it was like 80 degress by 9:00am in Boise so it was perfect for that day. You should definitely read Lost & Found and Rule. I enjoyed both. I better be the first to know :-)


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