Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: The Prince (A Selection Novella)

The Prince (A Selection Novella)
By: Kiera Cass
Publisher: HarperTeen

Before thirty-five girls were chosen to compete in the Selection...

Before Aspen broke America's heart...

There was another girl in Prince Maxon's life...

Don't miss this thrilling 128-page original novella set in the world of the New York Times bestselling novel The Selection. Also features a teaser to The Elite, Kiera Cass's hotly anticipated sequel to The Selection.

The Prince was a great light read and was really interesting to read after already reading The Selection. It was great to get some insight into Maxon and what  he was feeling about the whole process as well as how he felt meeting America. He seems so cool and collected from America's eyes but he is actually quite nervous about the whole thing and the fact that one of these 35 women will be his wife. He is also immediately intrigued by America because no one has ever been as real and honest with him as she is. I think he also likes the challenge of trying to win her over since she expresses no true interest in being his wife. The Selection is written in America's point of view so it was great seeing a part of it from the other side. The second book in the trilogy, The Elite, comes out in April so if you haven't read The Selection yet, I recommend reading it and The Prince and then check out The Elite in April.

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