Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spotlight Review: Wait for You

Wait for You
Author: Jennifer Armentrout (writing as J. Lynn) 


Wait for you was utterly amazing. I have no words to describe how I feel about this book. I actually got up at 5:00 am to go the gym so I had an extra hour to read before I had to go to work. I was THAT enthralled by the book. This is a new adult book and is different from anything that Jennifer Armentrout has written. She writes with the same witty dialogue as she does in her other books but this is her first New Adult genre book and I loved it.

Avery is a college freshman who left her life in Texas to go to school in West Virginia so she could escape the past that has haunted her. Cameron is a college junior who has a secret of his own that most people don't know. There is a budding relationship between the two from the beginning but Avery doesn't know how to trust Cam and he is the kind of guy that she could really fall for but could also hurt her. Avery is different than most girls Cam is used to dating and that is why he is so intrigued and attracted to her. Cameron is an incredibly charming and sexy character and his determination to win over Avery made me fall in love with him.

While the primary focus of the book was the relationship that was building between Cam and Avery, there was always the underlying mystery behind the secrets they both held. I couldn't put the book down for several reasons but wanting to know what they were both hiding was definitely a big one. I highly recommend this book for mature audiences and fans of romance and new adult novels.

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